In 1979 we designed and implemented our first Computerized Maintenance Management System and since that time we have installed asset maintenance managemetn systems around the globe in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government organizations.

Web Work Azzier presents significant change in implementation strategy as there is “no box”.

The Azzier system, unlike other CMMS/EAM packages as it is not installed and customized in a traditional manner. The Azzier CMMS is designed to meet the your exact specifications and requirements and implemented for your business objective.

The Azzier system will have a significant positive impact on your bottom line.


Tero’s track record is un-matched by any other CMMS/EAM developer.

We have developed in-depth implementation plans that have been proven time and time again, for decades. 


The Professional Services Group Provides:
  • Define the overall plan to complete the implementation
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Identify differences in current procedures
  • Make recommendations for improvements moving forward
  • Define custom features to accommodate maintenance practices
  • Define data transfer, Interfaces, timelines and measurables
  • Address budgets and prepare cost estimates
  • Develop ongoing plan for continued system usage

Tero’s Implementation Engineers(IE’s) meet with your execution team and develop detailed plans and specifications for the Azzier implementation. Our IE’s ensure best maintenance practices are adhered too and work closely with your team to ensure internal business practices and long range goals will be achieved.


Decades of installing, implementing and maintaining CMMS’s has demonstrated the benefits in preparing a good implementation plan with clients.


This process develops a clear understanding of the client´s goals and objectives and what will be required to make it all possible.