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Azzier Mobile CMMS on any device

Join the “new era” in CMMS

A true mobile, multi-location asset maintenance system.
We’ve been providing maintenance systems since 1979.
Join the new era !

Azzier CMMS Software

Azzier is the most advanced CMMS software system available.

Azzier CMMS software performs with full feature rich functionality, on any web capable PC, tablet or mobile device.

Azzier CMMS is designed with extreme flexibility, providing complete control of your maintenance program’s configuration.

Azzier Deployment

 Azzier is a state of the art, fully mobile ready; CMMS offered in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment.

Tero staff take care of all updates and data back-ups, freeing your IT peoples time.

Data can be hosted in either the United States or Canada to satisfy any internal policies your organization may have, and, with Azzier, you  own your data.

SaaS eliminates large upfront software costs. Getting started has never been easier.

Features & Benefits

Asset Management

Asset Management

The Equipment (or Asset) Module provides a means to track pertinent data associated with each asset or asset type.


Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

All aspects of work to be performed are entered on the Work Order record – including tasks, labor, and materials needed.

Azzier Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Create and manage small to large capital projects while measuring milestones throughout the entire process..

Azzier Inventory & Purchasing

Inventory & Purchasing

Inventory & Purchasing

Azzier provides complete Inventory Management across Unlimited Storerooms in Unlimited Locations.

Azzier Vendor & Labor Management

Vendors & Labor Management

Vendors & Labor Management

The Labor Module records data on all employees, non-employees or contractors that use Azzier or are referenced.

Azzier Reporting & Administration

Reporting & Administration

Reporting & Administration

Administrators manage user privileges and core functionality through an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) .


A Broad Range Of Industries

You’ll find Azzier utilized by a diverse range of professionals across a broad range of industries throughout North America.

Meeting the unique diversity within each organizations’ maintenance department is what makes a fully integrated, tailored CMMS implementation successful.

We’ve been successfully implementing CMMS/EAM solutions since 1979.

Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Exploration - Drilling - Refining - Delivery

  Oil & Gas
Azzier cmms in manufacturing operations

Industrial Manufacturing

Real-time Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Azzier CMMS for Colleges

Colleges & Universities

Housing - Grounds - Energy

   College & Universities
Azzier cmms in government operations

Government Operations

Infrastructure - Energy - Buildings - Transportation

Azzier cmms in Facilities operations

Facilities & Hospitality

Hotels - Arenas - Business Complex


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