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Experienced Implementation Services Make the Difference

Tero´s global professional services group provides a comprehensive combination of business, functional and technical expertise, ensuring all the support required to achieve the best business outcome for any organization.

Web Work Azzier is a “new era in cmms” due in part to the extensive use of standard and custom designed web services.

This unique design concept allows data to flow easily and securely to and from your corporate systems, either cloud based or housed internally.


Complete integration into your corporate network

 Web Services

Web services can help to solve the interoperability problem by giving different applications a way to link their data.

With web services you can exchange data between different applications and different platforms.

Our Integration Engineers (IE’s) include qualified, professional Project Managers with years of experience who can develop detailed plans in consultation with your maintenance and operations staff to ensure a smooth CMMS implementation.

Our team draws on years of experience to ensure that your CMMS system fully meets your short, mid and long-term goals.

A “new era in cmms”


How does this work?

Traditional CMMS integration into other packages, such as SAP or an EAM systems, typically included custom written “batch” programs that would import or export data into a text based format then into or out of a database depending on the data flow.

This type of integration was more a data transfer, riddled with problems and errors when importing data in different formats (and databases) to and from different programs.  Azzier overcomes these problems by using web services to create transactions between individual programs allowing each service to manage data thereby ensuring structure, format and content consistencies.