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Azzier Asset Maintenance Management Software

Azzier is the most feature rich web based CMMS software solution available due to it’s exclusive use of advanced web programming. Mobile device connectivity is built into the core programming making Azzier the most powerful, mobile CMMS software solution available.


Web Work Azzier is the latest release of the worlds first commercially available true 100% web based CMMS Software: Web Work. This release breaks new ground with the most advanced asset maintenance functionality available in a fully browser based asset maintenance management program.


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Azzier is the premiere CMMS software system for operations with demanding asset maintenance, scheduling, planning and corporate interfacing requirements.


Why is A CMMS important !

While out of the box CMMS systems force you to conform, the Azzier CMMS software is completely tailored to meet your users and administration needs.

Azzier breaks new ground in Asset Maintenance Management development by being fully browser based and ready for any pc, tablet or mobile device running a popular browser. No need for a mobile module, the entire program is mobile!

The Azzier CMMS software system will maximize the performance, lifecycle value of complex company assets and align maintenance performance with overall business strategies and objectives.

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Azzier represents a new era in Asset Maintenance Management with unparalleled power and flexibility.


Unlike “out-of-the-box” computerized maintenance management software systems that impose restrictions upon you to fit into their box, Azzier is tailored to your specific and unique needs. Each screen, field, module and feature within the Azzier system is unique to each user, group or department.


From Plant to Facilities maintenance, Azzier CMMS software will tailor itself to meet your operations and asset maintenance needs.


At Tero Consulting Ltd. we have been delivering advanced maintenance solutions for over 35 years.

Call today and see why Azzier is “a new era in cmms”.