oil & gas asset maintenance

Organizations in the Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors struggle with asset maintenance challenges in order to increase asset life, reduce manual intervention and have a positive effect on the bottom line. With Azzier CMMS software you can actively monitor real-time operating conditions and take a proactive approach to asset management.


From daily maintenance operating conditions, costs and performance analytics, to long term planning and project management, Azzier has you covered.



The customization and corporate integration capabilities of Azzier are un-matched by other CMMS/EAM systems. Azzier does not simply transfer information across the corporate infrastructure, it integrates into it. Providing you with the critical real-time, historical, and predictive information needed to make sound knowledgeable decisions.



Location aware, intelligent asset management for Oil & Gas and Utilities industries. 



Azzier provides a highly intelligent asset maintenance solution available across a broad range of devices, providing real-time asset information in the field. This enables quick response times to unique operating conditions found only in the Oil & Gas and Utility sectors, and allows for proper planning of manpower, quality assurance, and regulation compliance.


The ISO 5500X suite of International Standards addresses some of the issues for asset management systems with the framework on how to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve.


Let Azzier help you achieve your organization’s compliancy goals!




Whether you are in exploration, transmission, processing, generation or delivery, the Azzier CMMS/EAM and the expert support provided by the Azzier team, will ensure the longevity of your assets and success of your maintenance operations.