Facilities Work Order Software

Why settle for a Facilities Work Order Software system

Azzier is more than just a Facilities Work Order Software  program. It represents a new era in the way maintenance managers can easily and efficiently operate their facilities.

Azzier is the most technologically advanced Facilities Work Order Software  program that is fully web based, operating on most major browsers and operating systems. The software is tailored to each user role and responsibility for maximum efficiency.

While other solutions offer a web or mobile module, Azzier is fully mobile. No additional modules are required to use your phone, tablet etc.


That means no additional “mobile” module to purchase, support, and upgrade.

This also means your full maintenance system is available to all mobile devices across your entire organization. Not just the data for a mobile module.


Responsive facility and asset maintenance is crucial to ensure equipment availability, environmental control efficiency and customer satisfaction.


From air handling to boiler, Azzier will provide the advanced maintenance tools and crucial asset data imperative for budgeting, planning, and execution of your organizations maintenance objectives.


In 1979 Tero developed its first maintenance system. Since that day we have installed hundreds of systems throughout North America and the world, in the Facilities sector.

The depth of our experience is truly unique and un-matched. Our diversity enables us to bring a wealth of real world experience and vision beyond what others can see.


Azzier represents decades of knowledge brought together in an easy to use fully web based maintenance solution.

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