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Industrial Manufacturing Maintenance Management Software

Azzier Maintenance Management Software integrates seamlessly with global supply chain management to reduce stock outages and stale inventory, reducing your costs and delays waiting for parts.

Planning and scheduling of repair and maintenance is critical to reduce downtime and unplanned breakdowns. Azzier provides extensive planning and scheduling tools for short, mid, and long term asset maintenance planning.


Maintenance Management Software That Works For You.


Azzier Maintenance Management Software provides extensive tools to maintain all your assets across a broad range of operational instances. From Preventive maintenance to reliability centered maintenance, Azzier’s advanced functionality will streamline your maintenance operations creating efficiencies and reducing maintenance expenses.

Azzier has over 35 years of experience within it and includes features not found in any other solution, such as unlimited meters for real-time or predictive maintenance, serialized equipment to track the entire lifecycle of all assets and spare parts, as well as advanced reporting tools for analysis beyond today’s technology.




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 Maintenance Management Software for the new era.

According to the MPI Group ( “One way to bridge the gap between current knowledge and current needs is to seek outside assistance, which most manufacturers do for a wide range of training, development, and strategic activities. For example, 72% of manufacturers get help with regulatory/compliance issues.” 

Next Generation Manufacturing Study (MPI Group)

 Let Tero’s global professionals group assist your organization with all your unique Asset Maintenance Management needs.


 Maintenance Management Software

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Azzier integrates seamlessly with your SCADA or EAM systems to provide real-time maintenance services.

Repairs can be based on multiple high and low limits and much more.

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Azzier is a complete asset maintenance management system for manufacturing operations, from financials and scheduling to shop floor management, quality control, and analytics.

With the Azzier Maintenance Management Software you’ll improve process efficiency, more accurately manage your cost position, better meet customer expectations, and accelerate growth. You’ll have visibility across the global supply chain, and system-wide transparency for all key stakeholders. 




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