Maintenance Management Software for College or University

Maintenance Management Software for College or University

Today’s campus operations and maintenance departments are under tremendous pressure to operate with greater efficiency, less environmental impact and reduced funding. Azzier Maintenance Management Software for College or University is the premiere system with over 35 years of experience in this area.

It’s difficult to ensure you are on track to achieve continuous quality improvement and ensure you have the resources required to accomplish your institutions goals. Azzier provides strategic planning and comprehensive asset maintenance tools for your daily and long term needs.


Azzier is the leading edge software system that aligns your facilities with your institutions strategic direction.

The professional Services Group at Tero have been implementing maintenance programs in the educational sector for decades and have the experience to ensure your success.


Azzier will assist you to:

  • Ensure your making the right investment in current infrastructure
  • Create sound business cases for your facilities current and future needs
  • Support and develop your maintenance procedures and staffing levels
  • Align your facilities planning with your institutions Mission and Vision
  • Demonstrate new areas for increased efficiencies and cost controls




Wehaton college connects to Azzier cmms

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Facility performance indicators are key for today’s campuses.


 Azzier will ensure you have detailed data that is easily accessible, consistent and relevant.


Azzier will help to eliminate stale asset data throughout your institute.  Learn How.