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Azzier Mobile CMMS Software

Azzier is a true Mobile CMMS Software program that moves your maintenance operation out into the field closer to your assets and your clients.

Azzier does NOT come with a mobile module.

The entire program is Mobile.


From daily work requests and work orders, to complete asset maintenance functionality, Azzier allows you to manage your assets through most major web browsers* running on almost any device.


The Advantages of Mobile Maintenance

Azzier is custom tailored to your maintenance operations and the devices you use within it. Computer to phone, Azzier is accessible through an interface specifically designed for you, while accounting for best maintenance practices and device form/function.

The Azzier Mobile CMMS system will increase Asset Availability and help enforce Standard Work Practices.

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Azzier represents a new era in Asset Maintenance Management with unparalleled power and flexibility.


There are a tremendous number of reasons for a Mobile Maintenance Operation, from increased inefficiencies and cost savings to safety and compliance. Faster, more accurate Asset Information can be obtained and spare part information retrieved anytime.


From Plant to Facilities maintenance, Azzier CMMS software will tailor itself to meet your operations and asset maintenance needs.


At Tero Consulting Ltd. we have been delivering advanced maintenance solutions for over 35 years.

Call today and see why Azzier is “a new era in cmms”.


* W3C compliant browser