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Azzier Maintenance Management Software

Azzier Maintenance Management Software

Azzier is the most feature rich web based maintenance management software solution available due to it’s exclusive use of advanced web programming. Mobile device connectivity is built into the core programming making Azzier the most powerful, mobile CMMS software solution available.

Azzier is a complete maintenance management solution that is robust in features and designed to retrieve real-time operational data quickly and easily. The system is a centralized and scalable maintenance management solution that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

With Azzier, clients can extend operations into the field, to remote offices or anywhere a network connection is available. Azzier facilitates real time data entry and reporting in the new dynamic work environment of today.

Azzier is a true Enterprise maintenance management solution supporting “Multi-Site” company wide operations. Whether across town or across the Globe, Azzier will  streamline and optimize company operations and budgets no matter what the location.

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Features & Benefits

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

All aspects of work to be performed are entered on the Work Order record – including tasks, labor, and materials needed.


Asset Management

Asset Management

The Equipment (or Asset) Module provides a means to track pertinent data associated with each asset or asset type.

Azzier Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Create and manage small to large capital projects while measuring milestones throughout the entire process..

Azzier Inventory & Purchasing

Inventory & Purchasing

Inventory & Purchasing

Azzier provides complete Inventory Management across Unlimited Storerooms in Unlimited Locations.

Azzier Vendor & Labor Management

Vendors & Labor Management

Vendors & Labor Management

The Labor Module collects data on all employees, non-employees or contractors that will use or be referenced.

Azzier Reporting & Administration

Reporting & Administration

Reporting & Administration

Administrators manage user privileges and core functionality through an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) .


Azzier is an extremely powerful Maintenance Management Tool with immense depth and a broad range of features, benefits and innovations.

To fully understand the comprehensive nature of the solution we encourage you to contact a representative toll free 1.866.818.8376.

Azzier Innovation

Azzier Innovation :  User Control Panel

The User Control Panel provides instant access to records without the need to query the Azzier database.

The User Control Panel is a simple to use, yet powerful Data Navigation tool that enables users to manage the data most important to them.

Personalized data at anytime and anyplace. 

Administrators can configure the columns to present the data required by each users and each column is searchable.

Whether you are reviewing delinquent Work orders, prioritizing Work Orders for the day or monitoring equipment under repair, the Control Panel is the ideal tool.

Have the personalized data you need in the palm of your hand!

Azzier CMMS User Control Panel

Azzier Features & Benefits

Complete user Customization & Control

Maintenance Management

  • Work Orders
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Routes & Readings
  • Work Requests
  • Requisitions

All aspects of work to be performed are entered on the work order record – including tasks, labor, and materials needed. Automatic notifications can be sent to all parties involved in the work. Material reservations are automatically routed to inventory or purchasing to ensure their availability.

PM schedules can be created by time period and/or meter readings with fixed or moving schedules. Nested PM’s allow the user to set up multiple PMs with multiple procedures.

The Route Reading module allows Azzier users to record readings such as temperature, wear and/or vibration in one convenient location. These reading can be imported automatically and can facilitate predictive or preventative maintenance.

Work Requests are similar to a customer service center. Requesters can submit work requests in an easy to use format, while email notifications keep them informed on the progress of their requests.

Item Requisitions as a compliment to the normal flow from the work order to inventory and purchasing, this module allows users to request items that would normally not be submitted through the work order process such as requests for personal tools or uniforms.

Azzier CMMS Work Order Screen

Asset Management

  • Equipment/Assets
  • Procedures
  • Locations

Azzier allows for detailed asset information and tracking. From buildings to roads or manufacturing equipment to fleet vehicles, the Equipment Module provides a means to track pertinent data associated with each asset or asset type. Unlimited specifications allow users to define assets in an extremely detailed manner including vendor/manufacturer, technical specifications, and warranty details.

The Azzier definition of a ‘location’ varies depending on client needs.  It can be as broad as a geographical location (i.e. country, province/state, or city) or as definitive as a room.

Azzier tracks the parent child relationship of your locations to facilitate reporting and ease of search.

Establishing a detailed library of procedures means that tasks to be performed and the associated costs are always known.

The Procedure Module allows users to track all tasks, labor, materials, services and tools that are required to complete a job. Complete job plans can then be added to work orders or PM schedules to reduce data entry. All job plans are easily maintained in Azzier’s procedure library.

Azzier CMMS Asset Management Screen

Project Management

  • Projects
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • KPI

The Projects Module permits users to create and manage small to large capital projects while measuring milestones throughout the entire process. Projects can be set up with multiple phases, while estimated versus actual performance can be tracked in each phase of a project to ensure adherence to budgets.

Budgets can be tracked using unlimited account codes. Costs can be reviewed and relevant reports created giving a real time view of projects.

The Scheduling Module enables Azzier maintenance planners to view staff availability and work load at any time.  Planners can set public or employee holidays in the system, create availability schedules for staff, and easily assign personnel to work orders based on their skill set.

As work orders are assigned, the employee’s schedule tracks the estimated completion time and fills their personal calendar accordingly with assignments

Azzier CMMS Scheduling Screen

Inventory & Purchasing

  • Inventory Management
  • Vendors
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Invoice Matching

Azzier provides complete Inventory Management across unlimited storerooms in unlimited locations. Items are stocked in inventory and have full vendor purchasing details and histories associated with them. Re-order points are established and parts may be ordered via Min/Max or Economic Order of Quantity (EOQ) methodologies.

Azzier tracks all inventory and non- inventory items, services and contract information for a vendor.  If the vendor is part of a chain, all other branches will be displayed.

Items may be purchased for a variety of purposes including inventory replenishment, work orders or projects and then shipped to a site or a holding area for pickup. All shipping documents are tracked to ensure full audit trails.

Items purchased may be received by line, in part or in full. All associated information from Inventory and Purchasing is available from the Receiving Module to ensure accuracy and eliminate mistakes.

Azzier CMMS Inventory & Purchasing

Labor & Vendor Management

  • Labor
  • Time Cards
  • Contractor Management

The Labor Module collects data on all employees, non-employees or contractors that will be users of Azzier or be referenced in Azzier.

A complete profile is maintained on each entity including hire date, manager and hourly rate, training and skill set.

Information entered like trade credentials, educational background, certifications, etc., allows a manager to easily identify and assign the correct resource to a work order or task.

Time utilized for multiple work orders can be entered conveniently in one place.  This enables faster data entry and reduced errors.

Azzier CMMS Labor management

Reporting & Administration

  • Administration
  • Query Builder
  • Interface Management
  • Print Form
  • Screen Design
  • Data Divisions

The Azzier Administration Module allows the system administrators to manage user privileges and core functionality through an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) where all security and programming configuration may be accomplished. Establishing individual user security and system access is easily accomplished without having to write complex scripts or having any database programming experience.

All system defaults are established in the Administration Module.  Each module in Azzier will have various defaults that are set in the Administration Module such as pre-approving PM work orders upon generation.

The Azzier Interface Module allows for full data exchange to and from all tables in the Azzier CMMS database. The Interface module enables users to create, maintain and manage interfaces with no requirement for programming code. The entire function is accomplished from the Azzier GUI. This module virtually eliminates the need to re-engage the developer every time you need to change an interface thereby providing substantial cost savings.

As an example, this optional module can be used to export timecard information to payroll programs or alternately interfaced to timecard scanners for importing of daily or weekly labor hours.

The Screen Design Module in Azzier allows organizations to develop custom screens to meet the needs of each user or group and personalize the experience across all networks and devices. By developing or customizing screens, the Azzier CMMs is tailored to your exact requirements.

Screens may be deployed to groups or departments, by user and device.

Azzier is a,” Response Aware Software”; Azzier matches screens to devices and users to maximize ease of use.  As an example: John, works both at a desktop PC with a large wide screen, but also needs access to crucial data through his mobile device while in the field deploying manpower or performing hands on repair work. His Azzier system may have two customized screens that respond accordingly to match the device he is using at the time. The Azzier program recognizes John and the device John is currently using and delivers the appropriate screen.

Accessed through your web browser, the Report Builder provides a simple framework in which complex report design and management can be performed.

Developing detailed analysis reports to enable forecasting and asset efficiency trends are easily accomplished through the Azzier report builder.

Azzier CMMS Administration Module

Azzier Innovation

Azzier Innovation :  Query Builder Module

A compliment to Azzier’s standard reporting tool, the Azzier Query Building Module brings the Azzier Reporting tool to a completely new level. This module allows the IT professional to create an unlimited number of Database Views then report on those Views using Azzier’s standard reporting tools.

Azzier CMMS User Control Panel

Azzier Innovation :  Data Divisions

Data Divisions are used to separate data into groups that can be assigned to users. Similar to a hierarchy, a complex relationship of data and users/groups can be created to allow or disallow access to various areas and information throughout the system.

The end result is that users can only view data within their division while managers or top-level users can access data below or across all divisions. Companies can use this tool to consolidate data into a single database, while the data appears to be separated to the end user.

Azzier CMMS Data Divisions

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Azzier deployment

“Thank you for the follow-up.  I am comfortable speaking for the group that we found you very helpful, knowledgeable and enjoyed the training.  I personally look forward to unlocking some more of the power of Azzier in the coming months.”

Azzier deployment

“On behalf of everyone involved in the training last week, including myself, I wish to extend our heartfelt thank you and appreciation for your effort and commitment. Your blend of strong Azzier software knowledge and comfortable training style, allowed all of us to learn without awkwardness and set the stage for confidence to build.”

Azzier deployment

“The University of the Fraser Valley has recently upgraded from Web Work 6.4 to the new Azzier platform. Migration of data was fast (within one day of downtime), and the new platform allows for user customization that is easily performed by our staff.

Tero has been great with on site training of our staff, as well as troubleshooting queries as we adjust to the new system. What we anticipated as a 6-month upgrading period (training & implementation) has been reduced by half as the new system is very user friendly and has met with greater acceptance by front-line staff than what was expected.

Azzier is becoming a useful tool for our Facilities department as a whole than what we previously were operating using Web Work 6.4. Very happy with the upgrading and cannot wait to see what the next changes will bring.”


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