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Experience Makes the Difference

Over the past decades we have seen many CMMS/Maintenance Management Software developers have become part of larger organizations often diluting their expertise and focus.

At Tero we have stayed the course and will continue to focus solely on improved maintenance operations resulting from the use of our Cloud Based CMMS: Azzier.


We believe that your success is our success.
We’ve been delivering success for over 35 years!



The evolution of Maintenance Management Software as well as the underlying technology that supports the CMMS program has been extremely significant. We have witnessed computer systems change from DOS operating platforms to web based and mobile applications. We have seen reactive maintenance evolve into preventive, predictive and further to reliability centered maintenance (RCM).

For maintenance operations to be successful they need to have a CMMS provider who drives change and continues to remain ahead of the times.



Web Work by Tero was the first commercially available true, 100% web based CMMS, and today Azzier will set new standards for service oriented, web based programming in Maintenance Management Software systems.


Call today and see why we say Azzier is “a new era in cmms”