How focusing on your maintenance budget can positively impact your organization

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The beginning of a new year means different things for different people. Some use it as a time to reboot, others think little of it at all. When it comes to business however, the beginning of a new year can be a momentous occasion. Businesses will often pair announcements, new strategies, new products, and new tactics to the start of a new year. A common similarity amongst businesses is the new year often means the beginning of a… Continue reading

Mobilization Justification

Tangible reasons why you should be considering using a mobile solution as part of your EAM/CMMS strategy.


Reduce Overall Maintenance and Repair CostInventory on Azzier CMMS

The best reason to use a mobile solution in your maintenance function is to increase efficiency.

Industry experts believe an increase of 35% in maintenance efficiencies can be achieved by introducing the use of mobile technology. Who could not use another 35% in their budget?  Of course, this will vary with each organization but just imagine how much time can be saved by reviewing your inventory and reserving an item before arriving at… Continue reading

Fast ROI and Hard Savings Keep the CMMS Software Market Healthy

The success of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution can be directly related to a strong croiorporate focus on profitability and productivity. A CMMS can provide a substantial and quick ROI.

In an effort to become more competitive, managers are turning over every stone to find areas for improvement and cost savings. As they study the maintenance function, companies have found that maintenance makes up anywhere from 15% to 40% of total product cost. They are also discovering that dollars saved in maintenance can avoid significant expanse later. In larger companies, reducing maintenance expenditures by $1 million contributes as much to profits as increasing sales by $3 million. In the competitive markets that most companies find themselves, being able to improve maintenance and decrease unnecessary maintenance expenditures by $1 million is much easier and likely to occur than finding $3 million in new sales.

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Making an organization run like clockwork is hard work. It requires the right people and the right tools. A good Work Order Software Program can assist organizations with keeping the clock running.

Work Order Software

For a smaller enterprise, it’s as easy as handing down instructions as they become necessary, but in a larger corporation, something more large scale is necessary. The wonder that is computerized maintenance management software could just help you with that. Besides being able to keep a track of all your equipment and assets and their health, you can trust work order software for a lot more.

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The Senior Software Sales Executive is at the heart of the Tero revenue engine. In a fast-paced environment, it is second nature for you to juggle the demands of a big territory made up of many potential clients. You know what it takes to drive a number and maximize your income: planning, activity, quarterbacking an implementation team, and getting into the field to close the deal.

Exciting changes are happening at Tero with the launch of our newest product, Azzier; and we are looking for high-integrity passionate people to help drive solution sales into the Private… Continue reading